CARTE Project-Team

Planned talks


  • Effectuses, a probabilistic landscape
    By: Titouan Carette
    Date: mercredi 15 février 2017 à 14h00
    En Bob (salle B013)
    Abstract: The long known Curry-Howard-friendship between logic and computation makes it natural to think about the logical counterpart of probabilistic or quantum computation. To handle the nondeterministic behaviour of such computational models, logic needs to be quantitative, with predicates ranging over many possibilities from true to false. This is where effectuses play their role. They are categorical models allowing to build such a quantitative logic. The presentation will start by a gentle introduction to effectuses. Next, our discussion will become more categorical in order to formulate the main result: a general categorical construction of state and effect triangles relying on Isbell duality, a mathematical phenomenon appearing both in physics and computer science.









General Objectives


  • Computability and Complexity of continuous and new model of computations
  • Implicit computational complexity
  • Proof on adversary formal systems

Master Thesis Proposal

  • Please contact Emmanuel Jeandel or any other team member, to discuss about a subject.